Brad Callen's New Elite Software And Wiki For Everyone

By Ian Fernando

Browsing the internet I have found a couple interesting things. First 'Dollar Wikis' are everywhere. I first read about it on John Chow's Blog. Everyone likes to be a copycat and never come up with their own ideas. These sites have degraded the original Milliona Dollar Wiki idea. Before I get into that I also want to talk about Brad Callen's new software, Affiliate Elite.

First the Wiki Bonanza. The creator of the Million Dollar Wiki has implemented a great idea and is probably making a good profit from it. Ever since users saw the author was making a great income on such a biased idea would be profitable, the Cow has implemented Million Euro Wiki. I did not see the potential these wikis can bring. Me personally I would not spend $100 or Euros to have an page just for myself. I found it pointless, where is the marketing besides viral. I saw no advantage to these Wikis.

Others did though, many users have bought pages at 100$ such as John Chow and ShoeMoney. Now with the potential that the Cow saw others saw this as well, but degraded the value. A new born on the Wiki Enviroment Five Dollar Wiki and the One Buck Wiki. Both made by the same creator, he has seemed to start to earn money within a couple days.

Again, to my complicated mind, do these wiki pages really work? Are they just a one time resolution to make some money because of the buzz? Will these wiki's last after 5 years? I do not know and I personally do not think so. That is why I have not bought one page from any of the wikis. Though some have already seen a return on their bought pages, how long will it last when other purchase long tail keywords? or a more targeted keyword than your general keyword bought? I just personally do not think these Wikis will work, they will start to spring up like the Million Dollar Homepage, they will soon be everywhere.

So copy catters, just degrade a maybe so good service, my thoughts. If it is making you money great, but for how long?

An Elite New Software from Brad Callen

You have heard of Keyword Elite and SEO Elite? Well a new child is born and it is by Brad Callen, Affiliate Elite! This is a new software Brad has created which I think is a piece of great work! Brad declared that Affiliate Elite is far more powerful than any other software he has ever created. The release date of the software is set at 6th of November. Affiliate Elite will be released in a limited availability. First comes first served and anyone who will buy the software fast enough will get it at a discounted price.

With the discounted price users are also able to enter to win a free copy of Affiliate Elite. I personally have entered myself. I think this piece of software will really be interesting to use. You can check Google Adwords, find affiliates that are selling the product, analyze competitor's keywords, etc

The home page has videos of live action results; the way it pulls information is very unreal - scouring the web for affiliate's. It will even bring you to the affiliates page to view either their landing page or banner placement.

The home page will even allow you to grab the software at an earlier time before everyone else does.

Here is a quote from the Affiliate Elite blog:

This program WILL make a lot of people ALOT of money over the course of the coming year. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks as I share with you what I’ve been secretly working on for the past 8 months.

Users who have played with Keyword and SEO elite will know this product will be one of a kind! Helping affiliates with their strategies and plans. Even having all three is pretty important since it does and will help sustain yourself on the internet.

Though Keyword Elite and SEO Elite are meant for marketing in any niche, giving you the best possible keywords or optimization for your web pages. Affiliate Elite is targetting the affiliate crowd, marketers who make money selling affiliate products or even help with promoting their newly created product.


The only downside I think I can say is, how is it searching for the merchant ID in a clickbank or paydotcom product, especially if it is cloaked? If it is scouring the internet for example the Butterfly Marketing merchant ID: bfmscrip; how is it finding it, especially if the link is cloaked?

That is the only drawback I can find, top notch affiliate marketers use cloaking all the time to help them retain their commission, as for the others that do not, it is easy to search for a merchant ID and who is promoting it via Google, though Affiliate Elite will be more helpful when searching in quantities.

Let see where this is going and I am anticipating on what the price maybe for such a product, if you want to try to win a free copy visit the Affiliate Elite homepage.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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