Brainstorming your Product and Maybe Outsource it?

By Ian Fernando

Now that you have your niche specific market, how do you go about creating your product? Ofcourse write it down and be organized. There are several ways to stay up to date yourself and start making your digital product. First write down all your ideas, just write and don't think. Doing this will help you gather your ideas all at once and keeps your brain thinking about your product and idea.

Once you have your messy ideas written down, organize them into categories and see which ones has similarities. Grouping keyword phrases or ideas easily helps the expansion of your product or services. Next just expand on those ideas asking What, Where, When, How questions to help easily expand your product.

Once you have expanded start creating your product and there are several ways to create your product. You can do it yourself or paying someone to do it for you. In the past I have paid several freelancers to either makes templates, ebook covers, header images, reports, etc. This is the fastest way to get the work done and gives me time to do more than what I wanted to prior.

Outsourcing the tedious work is very helpful. It gives you the opportunity to do more in less time. Assuming your product is 'indestructible' you will make your money back the first day of launch! So spending some money to get your product professionally done is well worth it.

But, you can also make it on your own. I have done this and it is definitely time consuming. I have made several reports all by myself and several ebooks all by myself. It is all net profit but what is the cost of my time? A lot of factors play with time and paying someone to do it, usually a controversial part.

Making your simple ebook on your own or script is time consuming but is a total 100% net profit. I have done this several times and found it rewarding. Creating your product on your own means you can simply create the product they way you view it and not someone else. That is the beauty of the product created by you.

What to brainstorm:

  • Define the Problem and Solve it
  • Give yourself a time limit
  • Write everything down no matter how ridiculous it is.

These I think are the things I brain storm about and what my end product should be. Keeping it all organized is a final process to your brain storming. the more you work on your product the more ideas that come. The more ideas come write it down and find a place to enter that idea, as long as it benefits your market.

If you know Marlon Sanders, he created a more usable system called the Product Dashboard. This dashboard has the step by step on how to create a very successful product. While I speak from experience this dashboard helps the newbie create an online successful product to sell. Though my ways of experience is not wrong nor is it right, it is my experience. Marlon's Dashboard helps create a digital product or even a physical product with the ease of step by step instructions in a 6 week process.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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