Build a Niche Store 3.0

By Ian Fernando

I just got an email a while ago about Build a Niche Store. They recently just came out with version 3.0. A lot of talk has been brewing about on what to expect from BANS and what they will do to better suite other requests. I know personally it has done me some justice and I earned a pretty good handful with my BANS store during the holiday season.

Now they have come out with a version 3. I know the interface will change but what about the default templates? They probably kept the crappy 2 column and 3 column templates. But all together BANS is a useful agile tool to have.

Directly from their email:

A lot of new features have been added to BANS V3.0 and consequently there have been some quite significant changes to what was the User Manual and which has now become:

- Manual 1: Installation Manual: which covers pre-building and installing BANS.
- Manual 2: User Manual: which covers building and developing your niche stores.

Installation Warning:

Updating one of your stores from V2 to V3 will be a simple process (ie minutes) and the guidelines for doing this will be included in the update pack.

At this stage we haven’t determined whether or not it will be possible to jump from a V1.3 store straight to a V3 store but the reality of this will be concluded by release date.

I can't wait to update my BANS and see what is in store for me. According to the email the interface has changed and they will be releasing some new templates but that was taking too long so they delayed it. It makes sense since I can create my own website anyways; I mean I did it with my first Build a POS Store I mean BANS.

With some new advancements one other feature added onto version 3 of Build a Niche Store is modifying product listings on each store page according to the following criteria: eBay seller id, min and max bids, min and max price and by geographical location. This is a great feature especially the geographical location and sorting it by seller. This gives more or a neatness to the system and overall concept of a store.

Here is a quick sneak peek of what the new interface will look like:

As you can see, there is more of a web 2.0 touchy feel to it, the colors are relaxing and the interface looks very well nourished. I will be shortly downloading my new version and play around with it tomorrow. But if you do not have a Build a Niche Store yet, I suggest grabbing one because it is a really good take on earning money online.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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