Build a Niche Store Sells Itself, Literally

By Ian Fernando

This month I didn't concentrate on promoting digital products because this month is all about physical products. But what surprised me was a check in the mail for something I was not promoting this month at all. The check was from ClickBank and I was thinking hmm, I know I was not promoting anything this month from ClickBank, I didn't even check my status on ClickBank this month.

I know I didn't promote anything via Adwords or other PPC campaigns. So I logged on to my ClickBank account and I was surprise that I have been selling BANS all along, ever since I launched The affiliate link was listed at the bottom of the page, the footer.

It was not a lot but hey it is a paycheck for no work I was doing at all. Take a look at the snapshot of my stats below, you can click to enlarge.

As you can see the publisher were all NICHESTORE, which is the publisher ID for the Build a Niche Store via ClickBank! That is amazing that I was able to sell something I did not promote or even tried to. As I stated this month of December, I concentrated on physical products and Christmas promotions this month. I figured digital products would not be a good item to sell during a month where everyone is purchasing gifts and buying physical items.

Maybe I am lying, I did promote my BANS website via Adwords but does that constitute for promoting Build a Niche Store within my footer? I mean I did have it within my footer but I was not promoting it via my natural standards. In any case users were buying stores for themselves.

It seems users were purchasing these as an alternative to the holiday season, because these purchases were made early this month. So could these purchasers be entrepreneurs or just curious customers wanting a store for themselves?

A lot of people want to have a store for themselves but they do not have a big income to start one nor the experience. Now what about for those that do not 'understand' the internet as much or have experience with the web and affiliates.

The best part about Build a Niche Store is the landing page. It is very descriptive and very informative. It provides other live examples within other niches and categories. The landing page of BANS is not the traditional 'long 3 minute scroll,' it is interactive just like a regular website. Users can maneuver and click through other places to find what they want to find. Basically BANS is very informative on the use and how easy it is to open your own store on the internet.

Now another aspect I think Build a Niche Store sells it self is because it is simple. It is really simple to have your page up in 5 minutes. For me it was kinda of hectic to re design and re-code some things but out of the box it is literally 5 minutes. I like to make things harder and be different that is why it took me a while to finally come up with my Build a Niche Store.

So I assume the popularity of BANS is because of the well interactive and informative landing page and the simplicity of the installation. There are multiple user testimonials on the BANS website, giving the end user a more secure balance on purchasing the software.

Take a look at all the reviews and testimonials of multiple users of BANS.

Here are some short testimonials that I think are powerful.

By Andrew Fuller

Bans is a great product. Although this software is well suited to the new webmaster it is also an invaluable tool for the seasoned web guru. At the core it's success is it's ability to take advantage of the eBay selling model and get paid for introducing eBay to markets eBay does not reach.

By Cheryl

I have alot of domain names just sitting around doing nothing. BANS is a great solution for making them productive and profitable in a minimal amount of time. My niche(s) is actually going to be targeted based on the domain names I already have. This is a great product.

By Harry Thomson

Doesn't it make a pleasant change when you feel that you've bought something in the Internet Marketing sector that is actually worth the money?

The BANS product is such an item as you can actually do something worthwhile with it. Instead of just getting some downloadable ebook that you read and then do nothing with, this is a very clever software product.

As you can see it is all positive feedback from multiple users. This is why I think I am not as surprise to see a check in my mailbox for not doing anything at all. There was no money spent for the Build a Niche Store script on promotion. Just leaving it a lone and promoting my store via BANS can lead to sales which pays itself! I wish selling affiliate products was this easy, no promotion, no spending money on marketing, just collect the commission. 🙂

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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