Building a List - Why I am Just Starting

By Ian Fernando

The title isn't really that right since I have been building a list with my affiliate campaigns, just haven't really properly market to them. I have been building my list for quite a while but never knew how to really use it to its advantage. After Search Engine Strategies in NY, I got to talk to a great friend by the name of cousinvinnie.

He is an emailer and does huge volume. I remember talking to another emailed at the CX top publisher dinner while I was at ASE in Boston, and he does all his CPA offers via email. He to did huge volume and he explained to me email is where it is at. Again, when I usually launch a campaign I try to incorporate capturing the lead for myself even before sending the user to the offer.

The thing with me is I do not even follow up or keep in contact and then I get complaints, just hcek the aweber screenshot below:


As you can see they are pretty recent emails. I have talked to my PPC Mafia team and I would like to get into email more so. Adhustler did a great case study, really in depth that I had to read it twice. He had lost but he has the list in which he can potentially earn over and over from.

I knew of this when I first started in marketing because all I head is the money is in the list, the money is in the list. I saw a huge potential that I even created a wordpress plugin that captures emails from comments.

But my problem is what do I do with it. I am not an expert in Acai, movie making, or any of the other niches I am in. This means I can't figure out a good way to write to these type of users because I am not in the niche all the time.

So anyways back to the screenshot, how do I get less complaints? I imagine to give them content and email them often. As anything else you need to provide content and it needs to be unique. Well, how do I know what is good and unique information if I personally do not do it or if I am not involve in the niche in anyway. Its hard.

But isn't that like PPC Affiliate Marketing?

I say no because with affiliate marketing you just have to do research one time, setup a campaign and that is really it. Tweak some action words, tweak vocabulary, tweak keywords, etc.

With email marketing you need to provide some type of content that is usefule. I have become so useless in email marketing that I use content from ezine articles or pay my editors to just write copy. But even then what topic is good and valuable, more importantly not repetitive.

I been using aweber and I love it. Easy to use interface and all that jazz. But email marketing, I definitely want to get into it. Capture leads and keep it forever, but content is the issue! Even it takes me time to write several auto responder messages for marketing campaigns.

Now I been blasting and I think it is best to go ahead and create auto responders. But still all testing for me and seeing where I am at with email. The hardest is the content I think.

So maybe in the futre case studies of email marketing coming soon, Adhustler has a more in depth one though.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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