Buy Blog Comments: A Dark Day in the Blogosphere

By Ian Fernando

Yes, finally a service that you can pay some human to spam to other blogs sites, isn't this great! You now do not have to sit in front of your computer spamming other blogs! You can visit their webpage here: STOP!

This must have been the worst idea or concept ever! I thought merging into the world of web 2.0 we are becoming more social not spammers. Within the blogosphere there is an abundant of information ranging from cell phones to creating the perfect website, we gather information to help each other and speak about these issues.

The comment section for each blog is meant to create a discussion among peers, not so you can build SEO. Also this is a very cheap way of increasing your SEO rank.

They explain their service:

Blog comments help your site rank better in the SERPs. We hired a few people who go through a list of blogs in a database we set up and pick out blogs that are in your niche. They then read through blog posts and leave a comment that has to do with the blog post they read, that way it wont get deleted. Your backlink will then be on a targeted blog, giving you more weight in the search engines.

Though many bloggers may be familiar with the standard comment spam of the multiple letters "asdfasdr" and useless entries. Their service is all human base so the comments will relate to your post and will by pass all akismet, captcha, math questions, etc.

Is this the end for blog commenting and discussions? So far I have read from this loser, Jon Warass, he has 6 staff under him that are full time spammers! They take in the order and just comment all day.

But BuyBlogComments states they do not consider this spam:

Buy Blog Comments dot com is NOT spam! When you purchase blog comments from us, you are getting quality blog comments. They wont be saying stuff like "nice site, check out these free insurance quotes".. the blog comments will be about the blog post that we are commenting on. You won't even be able to tell our blog comments apart from the rest. So the blogger is safe, it will look completely like a legit comments that someone reading the blog post wrote. In fact, most blogger will like the free comments to help with their with there community.

Now with this said, yes if its human edited then it will be hard to tell if a comment is actually from BuyBlogComments or not, also some bloggers will like the comments especially if they do not know about BuyBlogComments. This is a dark and scary day in the blogosphere where we as bloggers will not know a comment spam from a standard discussions or comments.

Here is their price list:

For this price you can easily do this yourself and Yaro Starak from his Blog Profit Blueprint says to comment about 10 times a day and on your free time.

With these human edited comments, since it will be written by another person, personality WILL definitely be different from the actual blog author. A human edited comment from Buy Blog Comments maybe sarcastic as the ACTUAL blog author maybe more laid back and relaxed. This will contradict your comment, blog, and writing style!

Do you really want to destroy your brand? Do you want to contradict your writing style? Do you want to let everyone know your a fake? Will those human editors create a controversy so readers will click on your link? Or will it be just a standard statement?

With SEO, some pages do not even have page ranks. Will your comment be posted on high popular blogs, and if so will your comment be number 156? Blog authors need to think about how this maybe beneficial and so far I do not see this being beneficial at all.

To me this concept is very painful for anyone that will actually pay someone to post comments on blogs so they can gain a small percentage of SEO help.

Well anyways here are some quotes from other blogs which has written about this topic topic as well.

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger:

I think it’s one of the worst business ideas I’ve heard for a long time and something that bloggers should stand up against. I know that there are other services and tools that do this type of comment spam but this type of thing only weakens blogging.

Jonathan from SmartWealthyRich:

You definitely don’t want some random fake blogger to leave fake comments on your blog, especially if your blog has DoFollow enabled.

Connected Internet Says:

Services like these are going to make it much harder for site owners to stop spam comments. At the moment I’m doing a good job of stopping the human spam that is designed to generate backlinks, but it’s getting harder and harder. To try and dissuade human spammers, I’ve been removing any site names or urls from comments that are obviously just trying to take advantage of my ‘DoFollow’ policy.

If the above blog authors think this is an issue, then there will be an issue. The Blogosphere is meant to create a relationship among bloggers and readers. Not to abuse the blog just so you can get a good SEO/SERP, which I find will be a very poor attribute with comments.

* I apologize if my tone within this post is 'loud', as I do not see this being put to great use. I also apologize if my writing is off as I am just writing freely.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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