BuyBotPro Review: Making Your Arbitrage Selling Much Easier, Faster, and More Profitable

What if you have a virtual buying robot around your browser that helps you identify the best deals for your arbitrage selling? It informs you if a product you found is worth a purchase and a resell on Amazon FBA.

It’s a chrome extension that helps you quickly read and analyze Amazon FBA data. So you can come up with a wise buying decision.

Would that take the burden off your shoulder? ..Eliminating the difficulty of chunking big amount of data just to make sure that you got the best deals.

This Chrome Robot will help you do just that!

It can analyze the arbitrage deals within a short period of time. That’s only about 7 seconds. Thus, in less time, you’ll have a solid decision on the best products to buy and sell based on facts. That said, money keeps coming.

It does not only allow you to analyze data so you can get the best deals but it also helps you determine the red flags so you can stay away from those products and avoid losing money.

Imagine having that Chrome Robot that never sleeps, never takes a break, and never gets tired in helping you generate profit.

You can use this chrome extension anytime you want to give you reliable analysis on your parameters in choosing the best products to buy and sell.

That saves you a lot of time, effort, and money.

Here are what Buy Bot Pro provides:

  • An ROI and Profit calculator that tells the user the profit amount after deducting taxes, and fees.
  • A BSR checker that supplies the user with the needed information on how fast the item can sell.
  • A private label checker that informs the dealer whether or not the product is under a private label so that he can avoid this type of item.
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity (SPQ) that advises the seller on the number of units he can buy based on a calculated risk.
  • Amazon fees breakdown that shows the user on the detailed fees that Amazon will charge.
  • VAT calculator that helps the buyer to know the total VAT both from the Amazon and other places that will be charged.
  • Estimated sales that inform the user about the previous sale values of the item in the past 90 days and the probable value in the next 90 days.
  • Profit margin auto calculator assists the dealer to know the actual amount of profits that they can probably make from the deal.
  • Sales estimator shows the number of units of the same product that has been made in the last 30 days, 90 days and the predicted 90 days.
  • Competition analysis that presents the top 10 sellers of the same product, the available stock and the price per unit so you will know how to win over them.

Take a look at the screenshot to the right >>

Look at all the information this extension provides in a side bar that’s easy to see.

With this tool that gives quick analysis on the needed information, the buyers can decide what to buy or not.

  • It warns the users against bad deals so you can avoid a highly probable loss.
  • It saves time because this online arbitrage analysis tool is both efficient and effective.
  • It helps the user make more profit by helping them make the best buying decision.

Of all the benefits, the feature that will be very beneficial for the beginners is the SPQ, the Suggested Purchase Quantity.

Because chances are high that beginners are excited to buy in bulk quantity. But that might be a bad decision. That’s why Buy Bot Pro will guesstimate the reasonable number of items that you should buy to avoid a possible loss.

This saves you from losing money due to the wrong decision of buying the whole stock.

You can see from the image below that the SPQ number says I should buy 3 and that it gave me the green light to buy.

This is not a hazmat restricted, the BSR and ranks are good, and the profit at the buy cost is worth the investment!

Buy Bot Pro helps you in your buying decisions through the settings you entered and the data sales the product generates.

I also use this in my retail arbitrage. After I buy a small set and check the item on Amazon, I use the tool to determine if I need to buy more or not.

This chrome extension costs only $34.95, with a great community of users and supporters.

Here is how i use BuyBotPro in my arbitrage business.

It’s not owned by a huge company. I was developed by a fellow online arbitrage seller who decided to share it to help others as well.

There are constant updates and reliable support. Currently, the development of this chrome extension is handled by one or two people. But the tool is going to be bigger sooner or later. It’s worth the wait.

It’s better to be the first ones to benefit from its existing powerful features so you can now start making more money fast to multiply your assets. This will help you make your revenue bucket overflow!

Ian Fernando

Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. A traveling digital nomad, Ian pushes content you want to read and prosper from. More about me.

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