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Category: Blogging

Blog World Expo - My First Time Here

After having so much fun in Miami and meeting up with some of my readers, I flew out to Vegas […]

See Me at IZEAFest and Blog World Expo

I finally decided I am attending Blog World Expo. I was wondering if I should just go to either IZEAFest […]

Getting Personal with Monica Durazo

Bloggers beware, I have a blogger who's personality brings a smile to friends and people around her. As we know […]

Hell's Kitchen Describes Blogging

Last night was the premiere of Hell's Kitchen, great show! Gordon Ramsey has opened up a new restaurant in LA […]

I Don't Do Video Blogging or Vlogging

The other day Mark posted a tweet, yes I am a twitter whore, about bloggers talking about how video blogging […]

Blogging the Twittering Way

I have a twitter account and I really never used it. I only joined because the 'crowd' is doing it. […]

RSS Competition Results: 61 New Subscribers

As you know I was in a competition with 4 other bloggers. I just viewed my RSS feed count and […]

Spam is about to Get a Tan Tan

There are multiple plugins out there that can battle blog spam, but how effective are they? Akismet does a beautiful […]

Guest Posting: A Blog's Split Personality?

With the next couple days I have some time stamp posted ready to be posted with some guest posts as […]

Do I Really Write Lengthy Posts?

One of my friends brought up a situation to me the other day which kind of got me thinking and […]

Small Changes Can Mean Big Things

If you are reading this from the front page, please look at the above image. Yesterday it was a default […]

Using WordPress to Create a Niche Empire

As you know most of my websites are powered by WordPress. I look at WordPress as a content management system […]

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