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Category: Blogging

Have You Seen These Newspaper/Magazine Themes

Upon writing up and introducing why I think newspaper and magazine styles will be the year for blogs is because […]

Web - NewsPaper Blogs, Why?

This year I believe web 2.0 will be strong this year. The reason is because a lot of things has […]

ShoeMoney Talks: Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing

Jeremy from was featured at BlogWorld Expo and has opinions on how Adsense sucks and speaks about affiliate marketing. […]

Blogging Can Almost Get you a Free Movie Pass

I was stumbling and it is funny what you can find when you stumble on pages. When I stumble I […]

Forget About the Big Screens: Blogging the Movie

Do you watch TV? Is television soon to become obsolete? With the rave of Web 2.0 and Videos, there is […]

Looking for Tech Bloggers: Facelifting a Blog

Currently before the holiday season I have been working on a or re inventing my technology blog. The reason I […]

The Money is NOT in the List, BUT the Comments

You have been hearing "the Money is in the list." In order to really make money online it is about […]

How Rotating My Car Tires Taught Me About Blogging

First I want to apologize about the 12 Month Internet Millionaire Series. I will get to it soon - as […]

Blog Action Day: Don't Forget to Voice

On October 15th - Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on […]

Interview: Jof Arnold is One of My BlogFriends

Sharing and getting more exposure for your blog is very important. You want readers to read what you have to […]

Starting a Blog? Go Pack for Vacation First

Starting my vacation I had to pack and get ready for my flight to Panama City. I was staying at […]

5 Reasons Why Negative Posts Can Flood Your Blog

The other day I posted about BlogRush and how it will not help smaller blogs. This created a good return […]

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