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Category: Blogging

Bloggers: Battle of the Sexes

I was reading a very interesting discussion at BlogCatalog. This involves the nature of women and men bloggers. The question […]

Vacation Tomorrow - Testing and Calling GuestBloggers

Everyone I will be on vacation starting tomorrow and I am looking for some great unique guest post on my […]

6 Reasons Why Your BlogRush CTR is LOW!

Ok this will be the last post about BlogRush because I am tired of reading about it on the internet […]

BlogRush Did NOT Think About the Little Guys

Recently I posted about BlogRush and how it can provide you traffic. What came to my mind yesterday when I […]

Stop Rushing Me about BlogRush!

All day I have been getting emails about a new system called BlogRush. I have been reading all about this […]

Reasons Why NOT to FAKE your Feedburner Count

It is interesting to see how readers will just fake stats/numbers to get some traffic or subscribers. A blog that […]

Bought New Camera for Video Blogging

Lately I have been experimenting with video blogging. I thought video blogging was done with a webcam, HA I was […]

My HeadQuarters is Better than ProBlogger

Problogger decided to show us his workspace or so he calls it his ProBlogger HQ. He asked everyone to show […]

FaceBook Advances: Darren and John are your Friends

As you know the top bloggers that make income from blogging are John Chow and Darren Rowse (my opinion). These […]

John Chow vs John Cow: I Can't Spell

This morning when checking one of my favorite blogs, I mistakenly typed in the wrong URL and was directed to […]

Text Link Ads, Are they Worth the Purchase?

In the world of blogging, publishers want to purchase some of your blog space for traffic and more exposure. Well […]

Using Private Label Rights the RIGHT way for Blogging!

Someone emailed me about my content asking it was duplicated among multiple sites. He asked if it was my content […]

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