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Category: Case Study

Surgically Determining Facebook via Cost Per Sale

The past couple days even weeks I have been playing around with CPS via Facebook. I figured that I should […]

Sponsored Tweets: Results as an Advertiser

So it has been a good solid 2 days since I registered and threw up a sponsored ad on Sponsored […]

Leveraging Paid Traffic with Free Twitter Traffic

Monetizing traffic is always the hardest part of marketing. A while ago I decided to see if I can increase […]

Banking Off the Trend of the Jonas Brothers

So this weekend was pretty interesting and fast paced I guess you can say. The reason is because there was […]

It's Been 24 Hours, Do YOU Understand Your Clicks?

Data is important and affiliate marketing is all a numbers game. If you are not good at math then get […]

Traffic with AdBrite Wasn't So Bright!

Traffic, Traffic is important! Where you get that traffic can vary and since it is all about testing, I decided […]

AdChap, Worst Way to Monetize Social Traffic

Getting traffic is important and the way you get traffic is important. Now what if you start with a new […]

Case Study: Auto-Tweeting Blog Comments

Early last week I was thinking about trying to see if people or my twitter followers would be interested in […]

Keeping it Real Builds Twitter Followers

Twitter marketing is hard but it is easy if you know how to attack it and use it properly. Well, […]

PPV: MediaTraffic's Conversions

I have been playing around with PPV lately and I am pleased with the traffic and conversion rates. I honestly […]

Using Polls to Gather and Convert Traffic??

So I started to play around with Polls, my good friend AdHustler introduced it to me a while back and […]

MySpace ADs: First Case Study

So when Myspace ads finally came out I was undecided to advertise on there. I have advertise on there via […]

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