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Category: Case Study

MySpace Don't Want My Money Either

So Facebook didn't want my money. But I think Facebook hates me since my ads never get through most of […]

Riding the Trend 'RIGHT AWAY' Always Beneficial?

Everyone already have heard about Google Chrome and there are a tone of blog posts about it. I look at […]

Taking Over Google Content Network

...or trying to. Well now that Affiliate Summit East is over, I have gotten a lot of new ideas and […]

Pay Per View Traffic and My First Attempt

So there is a lot of talk about Pay Per View traffic. I went a head and did some test. […]

Sexy Girls in Marketing Videos: My Stats

Sex sells? Well I did a test with a video and I have posted the results. Well below you will […]

Facebook Social Ads: Re Attempt 2

So a couple days ago I wrote about how I was getting back into Facebook social ads. Well, I have […]

Facebook Social Ads: Re Attempt 1

After reading somethings about Facebook Social Ads I wanted to go ahead and try to attack facebook one more time […]

How Do You Make Money Online?

You need to upgrade your Flash Player Above are the stats of the front page poll: How Do you Make […]

Blog Sales Copy vs. Lengthy Sales Letter

The other day I put up a product for sale which surprisingly did pretty well with the initial launch. The […]

Lengthy or Short Blog Posts?

So I decided to post up the poll results from my poll on the main entry of my blog. The […]

What Time of Day are you Making Money?

When you are looking at promoting a service that is seasonal or even a regular product, what time of day […]

What are You About?

So lately I have been checking my stats and I have noticed a big surge of traffic during the ASW […]

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