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Category: Case Study

The Start of FaceBook Advancements

I have been receiving a lot of emails about Facebook traffic. My post about receiving traffic from Facebook brought up […]

Testing Chitika Response on my Blog

This is a quick post. Recently I posted about my success with Chitkia on my other blog. I decided to […]

Text Link Ads, Are they Worth the Purchase?

In the world of blogging, publishers want to purchase some of your blog space for traffic and more exposure. Well […]

Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh At Yourself

I say this because I had a great time creating a video for this blog. The video is for generating […]

Use Other Peoples Time: 2 Case Studies I Was Going to Do

Every now and then you want to do a case study to test if someones strategy is truly beneficial. But […]

Ian's First Blog Contest

I have been reading on how to get more traffic to my blog. One interesting part is creating a blog […]

Stump on StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon Project was a great success. Users contributed and I did the same. You can view the pages that I […]

TrackBack Traffic Trial Part 3, Comments?

Still taking in Yaro's advice on trackback marketing and reading other blogs about trackback linking, I found a great blog […]

Lets StumbleUpon a Project

I am very excited that since joining StumbleUpon. I have been getting good traffic from the network. Since joining I […]

TrackBack Traffic Trial Part 2

Back to my case study and a follow up for everyone to read about. Its been 5 days since I […]

TrackBack Traffic Trial Part 1

June 1st, I am running 3 months and strong with my blog. Traffic increase and popularity among others and within […]

Viral Profit Machine Report Released

I have just released the very popular Viral Profit Machine Report! I think I stated in prior post that I […]

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