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Wise Beyond Clicks: Embracing Maturity in the Online World of Marketing

As I get older, I find myself reflecting on the remarkable journey of growth and change - not just personally, […]

Interview in the HOOD of Medellin, Colombia. Digital Nomad and Entrepreneurship

Ian Fernando: Hey guys, welcome to Luis Delgado's show. Today  Luis Delgado: We have Ian Fernando here live from Medellin. […]

You Are the Average of Your Whatsapp Group, Facebook Group, Twitter Community...

I frequently join numerous WhatsApp and Facebook groups while I'm traveling. It enables me to stay in touch with pertinent […]

8 Ways to Generate an Income while Traveling the World

This post is something overdue, I think it is important that the internet has created a way for everyone to […]

Most Affiliates Are Using this Bright Green Card to Receive International Affiliate Payouts Much Faster

I'm still super excited and pumped about what I learned at Affiliate World Conference Bangkok. There is one thing I […]

How Local Affiliate Drinks Turned into International Meetups which Turned into a Beast of a Conference

I just got back to Vietnam from Affiliate World Asia: Bangkok and my Facebook flow are filled with thanks, gratitude, […]

Cut the Noise, Sure Fire Way to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing - It's NOT What You Think

Besides having such an epic beard in this interview, MobIdea interviews me at Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona. In this […]

ZorbasMedia Interviews Ian Fernando about his Transition from Affiliate Marketing to Amazon FBA

Aleksis Zorba: ... Legendary Ian Fernando. Ian Fernando: Thank you. Aleksis Zorba: Thank you very much for coming. Ian Fernando: […]

Easy Ways to do Affiliate Marketing with a Day Job or Maybe 3

There are a lot of people that want to get into affiliate marketing but something else is holding them back […]

Online Marketing Gurus: the Truth about their Content and Personalities

Just last night, I went to raid Attila home to take some campaigns away but got caught by his two […]

Top 7 Youtubers to Watch When Starting Out as an eBay and Amazon Seller

Ever since I started back on eBay and Amazon, I have just been consuming information during my first week. I […]

Thank You Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Congress for Allowing Me to Inspire

I just got back from Camarines Sur, Philippines speaking at the business expo known as Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Congress. It is […]
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