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Why 99% of Online Beginners Fail

I was reading from one of my favorite blogs via RSS and I found this post title: "You Will NOT […]

Always Test Before Launching a Product

I am releasing a wordpress plugin on my birthday (cross fingers) which is less than a month away! This plugin […]

Death of TV: Joel Comm's Next Internet Millionaire

As you probably have heard Joel Comm tok a huge step into making the first internet reality show online! He […]

Ask the Number 1 Question in Branding

Branding? What is branding? Why is it important? As consumers, we don't really think about the importance of branding. We […]

eBay is a Seasonal Job for Me

This morning I have been busy setting and creating a template for my eBay auction. I decided to clear some […]

Consider Yourself a Noob, Newbie, Newie or a Quitter!

The term "newbie" stands for new person, but there really isn't another one that comes readily to mind that says […]

The Simpsons are Entrepreneurs Too!

I enjoyed The Simpsons movie and after writing about the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 I thought to myself about […]

Top 30 Entrepreneurs: My Input on Each

Well I will not be doing the top 30 but the top 5, and also I have taken a break […]

TLC: How to Make Millions | Internet Entrepreneurs

I just finished watching, How to to Make Millions on TLC. The show opened up with 2 students that want […]

BlackJack Hacks and Tweaks

Well I am still waiting on a pending request from $7Offers to have them approve my eBook. But in any […]
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