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Why OUR Affiliate Industry Always Survives Dooms Day Year After Year

There are a lot of news and talks recently about the industry about Facebook and us being labeled as scammers. […]

Travel and Entrepreneurship with Rohail Rizvi in Bangkok, Thailand

Ian Fernando:              Wad up, guys? Ian Fernando here from; I've got a special guest this year and the best […]

Don't Say You Are an Entrepreneur Until You Understand What it Takes

For the past week this term has been thrown around so easily. As if someone that builds a site assumes […]

RobinHood App Review: Improper Transaction Trades and Unresponsive Support

This is a Robinhood App review that I recommend you to read and even to not bother downloading the app […]

6 Lessons I Learned from my Past 6 Business Partners

Writing this post because I feel there is a need for this. As I have been in this industry for […]

EntrepreneurFix Q&A: All About Starting Out, Inspirations, & Re-Investing

The other day I posted that I am going to be participating in a Questions and Answers for my buddy […]

Ask Me Any Entrepreneur Questions You May Have: March 14-18th

Got any questions for me? I know you do and this is the best time to start asking me some […]

Networking is Far More Important than Money

I have now been in the Philippines for a little over a month now. I am actually exited I am […]

Interview: My Untold Story and the Current State of the Job Market

This was an interview that was done when the documentary Living dot Com came out. Audio and transcript below for […]

Learn Affiliate Marketing, Don't Start a Company

The other day there was a post from one of my private groups and one person asked what traffic sources […]

How to Transition Your Work at Home Lifestyle to an Office Environment

Most of my 8 years in the performance marketing industry, I have been working from home. I have worked in […]

Evolution of my Workspace. Home Office to Office Space

Over the years on the internet I have evolved. From a person that have been working 3 jobs to being […]

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