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Category: Interviews

Interview with John Casto: My First Clicks, Nomad Travel, Dance Life and What is Next?

John Casto: What's up guys? I got a very special guest here. Ian Fernando, one of the OG's in the […]

What is an Affiliate Newbie vs. Super Affiliate vs. Digital Nomad Affiliate

Josh Sebo: Today we have industry legend Harrison Gevirtz, as well as another industry legend, Ian Fernando, a super affiliate […]

Interview in the HOOD of Medellin, Colombia. Digital Nomad and Entrepreneurship

Ian Fernando: Hey guys, welcome to Luis Delgado's show. Today  Luis Delgado: We have Ian Fernando here live from Medellin. […]

How to be an Aspiring Internet Marketer while Traveling the World

Rohail Rizvi: welcome to the Nomadic Millionaire Podcast, where we dive deep into the world of digital nomads, online entrepreneurs, […]

A Quickie Interview with Mobidea: TikTok Ads and Lead Gen Strategies

INTRODUCE YOURSELF It's Ian Fernando here. I do online marketing for the past 20 years already. Been an affiliate, media […]

The Proper Way to Collect and Monetize eMail with Landing Page Strategies

Ian Fernando: Affiliate marketers and media buyers like me we think on the creative side. We think about how do […]

Cartoon Attila asks me about 'Next Generation Affiliate Marketing'

Attila: Hey, Ian, how's it going, buddy? Ian: How are you doing? Attila: I'm good. Thanks a lot. Thank you so much for […]

MaxWeb Connect - Creating a LeadGen Strategy with your Affiliate Campaigns

Anna: All right. And we are live with our next speaker, the wonderful Ian Fernando. Hi, Ian. Ian: How you […]

AMA with Attila and ZeroPark: Online Marketing Tips that Still Works Today.

As I was searching Youtube for some information on holiday marketing tips, I saw a Youtube video of me and […]

Bloggers Around the World: Isabel Leong on being an Affiliate Travel Blogger

Blogging is still a very popular way to generate income. I started off blogging to help me journal my online […]

How to Properly Handle Your Affiliate Manager Relationships

Ian: What's going on guys, Ian Fernando here. And today I'm interviewing someone special and actually just got off a […]

Cut the Noise, Sure Fire Way to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing - It's NOT What You Think

Besides having such an epic beard in this interview, MobIdea interviews me at Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona. In this […]
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