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Category: Interviews

Jitendra Vaswani Discusses White Hat Affiliate Marketing on Google Ads

Funny part is Jitendra interviewed me before, watch the first initial interview here. Ian Fernando: Hey guys Ian Fernando here […]

Site Flipping, is it Still a Business Model that is Doable? Greg Elfrink Answers.

Ian Fernando: What up guys Ian Fernanda here from and while I’ve tallying around I'm actually in Vietnam right […]

Entrepreneurship Depression - How I Personally Got Out of the 3 Month Funk and Steps You Can Take

Thanks to Chris for allowing me to have an open discussion about entrepreneurship depression. I have personally been through this […]

Kid Blogger to a Full Marketing Agency: Growth Over 10 Years

Ian Fernando: What's up guys Ian Fernando here and I'm right here in the Philippines and I want to give […]

Conversation with Mark Joyner about Entrepreneurship

I wrote a piece about why you should stop calling yourself an entrepreneur, with Mark Joyner, god father of the internet. […]

Travel and Entrepreneurship with Rohail Rizvi in Bangkok, Thailand

Ian Fernando:              Wad up, guys? Ian Fernando here from; I've got a special guest this year and the best […]

Don't Say You Are an Entrepreneur Until You Understand What it Takes

For the past week this term has been thrown around so easily. As if someone that builds a site assumes […]

Interviewed at Affiliate World Asia by BloggersIdeas

Jitendra:        Hey, hi guys I'm Jitendra, I'm right here now live from Affiliate World Asia and I'm with blogger and […]

Interview: My Untold Story and the Current State of the Job Market

This was an interview that was done when the documentary Living dot Com came out. Audio and transcript below for […]

Interview with Oliver Kenyon, UpComing Entrepreneur

I flew to London to hit up the STM London meetup. One of my favorite international affiliate meetups. Why? I […]

Rise of the Entrepreneur - Episode 21, Leaving a Job to Give Out Paychecks

Last week, Zac Johnson posted a podcast featuring me in it! He has been posting 2 podcast a week interviewing successful […]

Interview: Luke Jasiak of - PPV Spy Tool

O snap an interview on the blog, it has been a minute since I did a series of interviews on […]

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