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Most Affiliates Are Using this Bright Green Card to Receive International Affiliate Payouts Much Faster

I'm still super excited and pumped about what I learned at Affiliate World Conference Bangkok. There is one thing I […]

Facebook Getting Rid of Their Ad Platform, New Rollout

Update: this is true and will be rolling out in March. Right now they are planning to get rid of […]

Selling Space, How to Really Make Money and Fund a Movie

I just saw this trailer on Facebook and it is about making money by selling product placements and advertising. The […]

Top 25 Influencers in Performance Marketing

I just found out, I am on an infograph image. This image consists of the top 25 influencers in performance […]

Steve Jobs, the Internet Shall Miss You

Yesterday while I was at the gym I got a message from a friend saying that Steve Job passed away. […]

Keyword Research iPhone App Review

[youtube][/youtube] I just downloaded this keyword research app for my iPhone and I thought I would do a review and […]

Add Value to a Free Product and Charge for It!

I just stumbled on this amazing video and thought it was worth a share and it definitely is because it […]

Don't Upgrade Your Facebook Fan Pages

... rambling and hungry... not a good mix. So this kinda of ticked me off. I use Facebook Fan Pages […]

Social Media Made $5100 in Just Under 36 Hours

The power of social media is one powerful traffic source, I mean Facebook has 500 million users that means 500 […]

Take My Money, Play Me at Poker During #ASW11

Man Affiliate Summit West is approaching and there are so many events that are starting to take place. One is […]

New Format for Facebook Sponsored Ads

I just switched to the new Facebook layout. So far its ehh, really not that impressive but I guess it […]

Switching Servers and the Nightmare I was In

As you all know I swear by WiredTree and I greatly enjoyed the service and customer support. It has been […]
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