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Green Tea + Fat Chick = Ian's Fitted Thrown

First day in Boston and already Ian is getting in trouble, must be my presence. I finally arrived in Boston […]

Leaving for Affiliate Summit East: Boston

Leaving for Affiliate Summit East in Boston in a couple minutes. There are a couple things I have to get […]

BlogGears Gearing Up Some Traffic?

Simon and Max has came up with a great concept to help bloggers get more traffic, it is called […]

Google vs Google Blog Search?

So one of my good friends beat me from a SEO standpoint, he took my number one spot in SERP! […]

Advance YourSelf: Magazine Styles and Traffic

So I been hit with several emails about partnering up with people to do projects or promote their products. I […]

Speaking/Mentoring at Affiliate Summit East 2008

Is everyone ready to go and learn and even network with affiliates alike? I have attended to Affiliate Summit West […]

PepperJamNetwork Referral Program Increases

Recently got an email about an increase in the PepperJam Network. The PepperJam Network will start you off with a […]

MSN AD Intelligence: Basic Intro

So you know last week I was in New York attending the MSN workshop. It was a very educational experience, […]

Market Leverage Contest Winner: JarretCade.Net

Apparently Jarret thought I was kidding around when I told him he won the wonderful bag of prizes! Well my […]

adCenter Competitive Advantage Workshop

This morning one of my affiliate friends pinged me and told me about adCenter Competitive Advantage Training in New York. […]

Telling Stories around the Uber Camp Fire

Earlier yesterday, I was reading Uber Affiliate and I just found out Paul has launch his new project. Once I […]

Ian Fernando UNPLUGGED

So I was reading Zac Johnson's blog and saw the first published magazine for Feed Front. I was hoping to […]
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