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Category: Media

Whats your Motive? An Interactive Affiliate Network

Recently I got off the phone with a CEO of a new innovative affiliate network. This specific network is very […]

I Don't Do Video Blogging or Vlogging

The other day Mark posted a tweet, yes I am a twitter whore, about bloggers talking about how video blogging […]

Pointing to Your Self Brand

I received an interesting comment the other day via the Affiliate Summit Social Network. One person contacted me and she […]

Asking the Expert: John Hasson

Ever since I left Affiliate Summit West, in Rio, I have kept in touch with a lot of people. This […]

Tracking Ian Fernando: Video Interview

Tracking202 member, Wes Mahler has asked me if I would be able to do an interview with their team. As […]

Rap Marketer 101

I love hip hop and I love the internet. I found this via UberAffiliate and I decided to view more […]

Nintendo WII Plus Glass = Accident!

LOL - I just found this video and I want to go ahead and share it. This is a very […]

Couch Classroom Part 4: 40 Minutes in 2 Hours

The continuation of the Couch Classroom episode 4 with Kristopher Jones! Kristopher Jones is part of PepperJam and PepperJam Network. […]

Banging Heads to become a PPC Rockstar

Guess what I will be banging heads with Mark from 45n5 to become a PPC Rockstar! Mark has been doing […]

Rich Dad Education Seminar

Whew, just got out of a seminar, video below. It was 3 hours and it consisted of Real Estate Investing. […]

Couch Classroom Part 3: First Set Done!

Finally the first 6 DVDs of the Secret Classroom are finally done! Wow that was a lot of information that […]

The Couch Classroom Part 2: Technical Issues

So I really didn't get a lot done with my projects and websites. The reason is I have been watching […]

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