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Category: Media

Rob Toth TeleSeminar: Annoy Your Buyers?

I listened in to Rob Toth teleseminar and I think it was a useless teleseminar because the tactics that he […]

Forget About the Big Screens: Blogging the Movie

Do you watch TV? Is television soon to become obsolete? With the rave of Web 2.0 and Videos, there is […]

The Many FaceLifts of Ian Fernando: Recap

It has been a month since my revolutionary facelift and I have been getting emails about how my other designs […]

Next Internet Millionaire: 2 JV Winners

Damn it! Both are winners, but not quite. This episode took a spin on things because I was expecting a […]

Next Internet Millionaire: Free Costa Rica Trip

With the Halloween hour almost coming to a close I have managed to put together this video for you. If […]

Next Internet Millionaire: Do you Speak By Yourself?

I finished watching the Next Internet Millionaire on since the actual website did not have it updated, then later […]

Next Internet Millionaire: Are you Stuck Up?

Finishing watching the Next Internet Millionaire and I can say this episode is good, Mike Filsaime was on stage! Todays […]

Next Internet Millionaire - Episode 6

Laura is a Crazy Girl! This time I actually like this episode because it was worth watching! They did a […]

Next Internet Millionaire Episode 5: Laura Explodes

I just finished watching the Next Internet Millionaire, here is my video and take on it. Do you guys think […]

Test Driving Experience: The C Drive 2008

This past Saturday I test drove the Mercedes 2008 C 350 and 300. It was located in Morristown, NJ at […]

Next Internet Millionaire: Episode 3: Review

As you know I have been creating Next Internet Millionaire Video Reviews. This is my way of stepping into the […]

The Next Internet Millionaire: Episode 2: Branding

I have just finished watching The Next Internet Millionaire. I thought this episode was far more superior than episode 1. […]

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