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Category: Mistakes

eMail Marketing is About Relationships, Data on Promo Offering eMailing

More recently I have gotten into email marketing and I have learned something which I already knew. Create a relationship […]

6 Lessons I Learned from my Past 6 Business Partners

Writing this post because I feel there is a need for this. As I have been in this industry for […]

My 2015 Mistake that Lost Me 130k because of Our Ever Changing Industry

2016 a brand new year. I have learned a lot in the past and especially with such rapid growth in […]

How to Lose Six Figures a Day. 5 Tactics to Consistently Have Traffic

Traffic Traffic Traffic is key to online marketing. The only problem is you need multiple sources. Here is one traffic […]

Snowboarding Taught Me the Lessons of Failure

Right after I got back from Affiliate Summit West 2012, that same weekend, I went out snow boarding with a couple […]

CTRs for my Hurricane Irene Ads on Facebook

First of all, I hope is well with whoever was effected by Hurricane Irene. I know there are still a […]

Get Access to a TradeMark Database and Avoid C&Ds

When it comes to promoting a product or brand online, you feel the need to use the company's brand or […]

700 Clicks and My Simple Basic Mistake

It's Tuesday and I did this video yesterday. So the video is gon to say Monday, so that is that. […]

Your Tracking Link Got Removed!

...well not your tracking link but mine was. A tracking link is the affiliate link basically a network or advertiser […]

Cross Reference the Advertisers Landing Page!

Another flaw in affiliate marketing is the fact that landing pages need to be cross referenced in multiple browsers. This […]

How To Immediately Lose $100 in 1 Minute

So I started out with a new ad network earlier today knowing that I think the traffic source would be […]

I Seriously Hate Internet Explorer!

So last night I launched a new site, I am actually still tired and didn't get much sleep. But I […]
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