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Category: Mistakes

Welcome to 2.0

Another Facelift has been implemented for 2009. I took a survey of my readers and a lot of you […]

Competing with my SEO Keywords with PPC

I noticed something in the past 2 days. Keywords that are being generated via a website and an offer that […]

PhotoBucket Might Empty Me Out

After my workout this morning and reading my RSS, I look over to my email and see this email from […]

Why Other DOT WHATEVERs Will Fail

So yesterday .ME came out and it seems only GoDaddy was the only provider of the domain. Others were even […]

Earnings Screenshot Kills your Database

Not too sure what happened the other day when my database just decided to blow up and not produce anything […]

Grab a Seperate Credit Card for Your Business

PPC is almost like a rush to me. It keeps me on my toes and I am looking towards my […]

Podcasting for the Beginners

Recently I have started another sort of media broadcast other than video. I recently did 2 interviews with 2 great […]

Third Party Services vs Professional

This weekend was really hectic for me. I wanted to create 2 websites this weekend and merge my auto responder […]

Your Affiliate Manager is your WORST Enemy

Isn't your affiliate manager supposed to be your best friend? Always there helping you and getting your issues resolved in […]

Back on the Grind: 1 Week of PPC Stats

Yay, I made it through my first week. Since getting back on my grind I have done pretty well in […]

Sorry! Issues with Database Today!

Sorry! Sorry! My site was down or super slow because of my database messing up. It took me all of […]

I knew I was Ugly - But Damn!

As you can see this is a new and improved layout! With my readership growing I have been giving a […]

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