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Category: Mistakes

More You Make, The More You Waste!

Last month in January, I wasted my December earnings. Believe me I was pissed, luckily it was not everything but […]

ViralURL is Virally Filling Up my Inbox!

The other day Simon pointed me out to a website called ViralUrl. I was interested and curious on the concept […]

PPC Rockstar Status: Still Learning the Strings

The results of my PPC campaign Aero Garden for week of January 26th to February 1st. So this week was […]

Weekend Rambling: Hi Haters!

Ok first and foremost - Hi Haters! If you are a loyal reader then this does not pertain to you […]

EntreCard Definitely EntreSucks: Check Please!

So it has been a little over a week and my conclusion about EntreCard still stands, it is a great […]

GeoTargeting - Take a Second Look at Your Traffic

Mark from has posted a great post and video on Geo Targeting and how most bloggers or writers do […]

EntreCard Introduces EntreSpam

Last night I decided to go a head and join Entrecard. It is business card web 2.0 but in a […]

Some Marketing Holiday Tips

This year's Holiday means good earnings for online marketers. This holiday season can either make or break you. You have […]

The Final Released of my POS Store, I mean my BANS

Finally I have released my BANS store and I think it will do well, since it does not look like […]

Using Forums for Last Minute Projects

As you may have recalled I have had a bad experience with Elance with my delayed project/request. Recently I have […]

2 Months on Elance, 2 Hours with a JV Partner

With the release of OptIn Comments, it was a long hard struggle to get it created. I actually started working […]

Rambles: PayDotCom, Facebook, DealDotFree - BLAH

Friday and I will be busy for the weekend. This week has been pissing me off - especially when trying […]

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