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Category: Mistakes

Forums Service Tasks Completed - Watching ROI

Over the weekend my forums services were completed. Now I am waiting to see if any of my stats has […]

Reasons Why NOT to FAKE your Feedburner Count

It is interesting to see how readers will just fake stats/numbers to get some traffic or subscribers. A blog that […]

Content Theft: My First Time Experience

This week there was 2 post from my blog which was repeated on another blog. I can say that it […]

John Chow vs John Cow: I Can't Spell

This morning when checking one of my favorite blogs, I mistakenly typed in the wrong URL and was directed to […]

Always Test Before Launching a Product

I am releasing a wordpress plugin on my birthday (cross fingers) which is less than a month away! This plugin […]

Sphere It: I Appeared on the Wall Street Journal

Well not as an article, but as a related articles and blogs. When I was viewing my Google Analytics this […]

Configure FeedBurner MyBrand with 1and1 Host

This past weekend I was very excited that I was approve to access the FeedBurner Pro MyBrand. The email they […]

Newbie Desperation, Negotiate with Force

This past week was very exciting for me. I received an email asking if I was willing to sell one […]

Don't Procrastinate too Long

I was sitting at my home yesterday trying to think of an article for tomorrow, when I kept telling myself […]

Agloco Banners to Advertise on your Blog

I just recently joined Agloco, and I was trying to find ways to advertise Agloco until I found Agloco Banners. […]

TrackBack Traffic Trial Part 3, Comments?

Still taking in Yaro's advice on trackback marketing and reading other blogs about trackback linking, I found a great blog […]

Traffic Just Stumbled on my Site

WOW, checking my stats this morning to my site via google analytics. There is a sudden burst of traffic to […]

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