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Category: Optimizing

Easily Generate AI Transcription and Sentiment Analysis for Pay Per Call Campaigns

Since starting pay per call campaigns last year, at the end of 2022, I've been intrigued by the idea of […]

BeeHiiv API Integration: Creating a Custom PHP Webhook to Connect to any Form

As a digital marketer, I was looking for a way to send leads from custom opt-in forms on my website […]

How To Use QuillBot AI and Ad Spy Tools To Run Profitable Campaigns

In this post, I will discuss how to use QuillBot AI in combination with some of my favorite ad spy […]

Thrive Suite Review. A Truly Focused Conversion WordPress Plugin for Your Marketing Plan

It's easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the best plugin option for creating conversions. With so many options available for […]

Unbounce Review: Is it the Best Landing Page Builder Out There?

Ever since drag and drop builders became a thing, it completely changed the name of the game. In fact, today, […]

RichPush Case Study: Dating Smartlink Results and my Ad Campaign Setup

Last April I posted a mini case study with RichPush on international dating. I expanded into other countries. I decided […]

Binom Review and Installation - Your Affiliate Click Tracking Platform in 2020

With affiliate marketing growing and a majority of tools out there to help you get started one important tool you […]

Sweepstake Offers are the Simplest Way to Break into Affiliate Marketing - What Are They and How to Execute

Affiliates all over the world have been known to take advantage of the profitability of sweepstakes for a while. Competition […]

Push Case Study on ZeroPark's Traffic Platform: Part 2, Direct Linking vs Pre Lander

Continuing my ZeroPark case study from the other week, I am doing a follow up on what I have been […]

Look at my Monetizer Push Stats, Make Money by Sending UnWanted/UnTargeted Traffic to a SmartLink

If you run traffic, you know you want to try to monetize every click as much as possible. The click […]

A Better and Faster Solution to Host Your Affiliate Landing Pages, Vultr

There is a lot of web hosts out there. I used to go with LiquidWeb for a very long time. […]

Anstrex Review: An Ad Spy Tool That Tracks Ad Creatives Across Multiple Push Ad Networks

Spy on Push Notifications with Anstrex. It is the most complete push ads spy tool and includes millions of ads. […]
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