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Category: Optimizing

Ian Fernando Got a FaceLIFT! Again!

Wow again, I have gotten a new facelift! Well not really, but my website did and the layout is much […]

WordPress on Ian Fernando??

There are a lot of blogs out there that are using wordpress for their Blogs or just using the platform […]

Web 2.0, What is it?

The first Internet Reality show is very intriguing, that I decided to write an article about Web 2.0. What is […]

Viral Profit Machine Report Released

I have just released the very popular Viral Profit Machine Report! I think I stated in prior post that I […]

Adwords for Free?! My Research

As you know there is a lot of talk about Google Ads for Free. There are so many programs out […]

Offline Marketing - Self Promoting

If you're looking for innovative methods of marketing your on-line business, start thinking like an off-line marketer. The tried and […]

Optimize Your Contact and STOP Spam

One of the most important things for a website which hopes to provide good quality support is to be readily […]

Writing a Review /Article to Produce Traffic

First of all, why is article marketing produces the highest quality traffic? I personally believe that the reason article marketing […]
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