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Category: Optimizing

Can't Figure Out What to Promote? AdBridge New SmartOffer System Will Do it For You.

Affiliates, we are lazy. This is why there are ad spy tools out there for us to see what is […]

This Push Notification Spy Tool will Help You with Your First Push Ad Campaigns.

I have been talking about Push Notification campaigns for a while now. I argued with myself that it can not […]

My First Impressions on Growing My Own Private Push Network - Blog Version

As you know I have been talking about push traffic lately. I think it is a great source of traffic […]

Easiests Way to Start as an eCom Affiliate. Quickly Find Profitable Ads Online and Replicate

Start Spying on Profitable eCom Offers by simply spying. I am going to show you how to find profitable and […]

Why This is the Best Affiliate Theme for Your WordPress Affiliate Blog

After such an amazing conference at Affiliate World Asia, I am back at it and I want to share a […]

Use this Back Button Script and Exit Intent Code to Convert Unwanted Conversions

When buying traffic you want to try to monetize every bit of it as much as you can. This post […]

Which WordPress Optin PopUp is Better? Thrive Leads vs ConvertPlus vs Ninja PopUps

Sooooo many popups, lead magnets, optin boxes, lead gen forms, etc - which to chose? Well, I will help you […]

The REAL Reason your Campaign Conversions have Tanked

We’ve all been there - You’ve been working on a campaign for several weeks, iteratively improving each of your creatives, […]

3 Ways to Utilize POF's New Targeting Feature

Thanks for the opportunity to write here Ian! This post is mostly geared towards the best way to use POF's […]

How to Increase CTRs for your POF and Facebook Campaigns

Click through rates are one of the most crucial indicators of the success of a banner ad. The higher percentage […]

Pinterest WordPress Theme, Create Your Own Niche Pin Sites

It is evident today that many web users have been really interested with Pinterest. Web experts noticed it to be […]

Explosion of Heat on my Own eMail Submit Offer

Happy 4th of July, strange it is on a Wednesday. Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been busy […]

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