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Category: Optimizing

Seattle Meetup: 10k Spend a Month, Campaign Exposed

A while back I stated I was heading to Seattle after the Ads4Dough Meetup in San Diego. I went ahead […]

Speed Up Your Blog, Satisfy Your Readers

A while back I added a new plugin on my site. It helps with the speed of my blog and […]

How to Capture all Local Traffic from Google Adwords

There are ways to use Google Adwords with local advertising and local traffic. With the new map roll (geo targeting) out […]

Optimize your Blog Content with In-Text Ads

Having a blog means you can write about anything about the specific topic you like. For example this blog is […]

How to Redirect Mobile Traffic to a Mobile Friendly Page

I was talking to a good marketing friend of mine and he showed me his new product page. I was […]

Dumped Twitter, Slapped Facebook, and Divorced Skype

This past week I have been crazy busy with meetings, calls, projects, contracts etc. Busy as hell! I decided to […]

Save a TON of Images for POF and Facebook

[youtube][/youtube] Testing is important and its important to alter images to see which catches the eyes of the end user. […]

Banner Buy Strategies I Stole from Ryan Eagle

I don't know if you already know but Ryan Eagle own 2 networks, Blam Ads and EWA. Mr. Eagle is […]

2 Simple Versatile Themes for Your Membership Sites

In the past I talk about membership sites and how it can help you with your online income. I did […]

Facebook Privacy Issues Benefits Facebook Marketers

Finding trends is pretty important to me because it helps me find niches and audiences that no one will take […]

5 Content Gateway Tips I Learned by Mistake

I have been playing around with gateways here and there, its a different way to turn traffic into cash. I […]

Introducing Ian Fernando 2.0

Welcome to the new design of Ian Fernando [dot] com. There are still minor adjustments that I have to do […]

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