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Category: Optimizing

How to Capture all Local Traffic from Google Adwords

There are ways to use Google Adwords with local advertising and local traffic. With the new map roll (geo targeting) out […]

Optimize your Blog Content with In-Text Ads

Having a blog means you can write about anything about the specific topic you like. For example this blog is […]

How to Redirect Mobile Traffic to a Mobile Friendly Page

I was talking to a good marketing friend of mine and he showed me his new product page. I was […]

Dumped Twitter, Slapped Facebook, and Divorced Skype

This past week I have been crazy busy with meetings, calls, projects, contracts etc. Busy as hell! I decided to […]

Save a TON of Images for POF and Facebook

[youtube][/youtube] Testing is important and its important to alter images to see which catches the eyes of the end user. […]

Banner Buy Strategies I Stole from Ryan Eagle

I don't know if you already know but Ryan Eagle own 2 networks, Blam Ads and EWA. Mr. Eagle is […]

2 Simple Versatile Themes for Your Membership Sites

In the past I talk about membership sites and how it can help you with your online income. I did […]

Facebook Privacy Issues Benefits Facebook Marketers

Finding trends is pretty important to me because it helps me find niches and audiences that no one will take […]

5 Content Gateway Tips I Learned by Mistake

I have been playing around with gateways here and there, its a different way to turn traffic into cash. I […]

Introducing Ian Fernando 2.0

Welcome to the new design of Ian Fernando [dot] com. There are still minor adjustments that I have to do […]

Start a Facebook Campaign for Less than $30

Facebook is such a great place for traffic, I am always trying to figure out a way to monetize it […]

Why Facebook Fan Pages Matter to Your Business

I like looking at stats, must be the asian inside of me. I am always curious to see why and […]

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