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Category: Optimizing

Creating Niche Mini Sites for the Holidays

The holidays are coming up and I hope everyone is ready to get fat for the Thanksgiving feast this week. […]

How to Shorten and Hide Your Prosper202 Link

I am not a programmer, but I do know somethings to help with what I need done. It is important […]

Switching Servers and the Nightmare I was In

As you all know I swear by WiredTree and I greatly enjoyed the service and customer support. It has been […]

Kajabi is Useless, 4 Products that Makes Up Kajabi

writing this late. I'm tired. I just noticed all 4 of the ads on my Facebook wall have to deal […]

3 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Campaigns Are Probably Failing and How You Can Start Making Profitable Ones

Jeremy Litwicki owns Profit Addiction and writes about ways to help you build profitable Internet marketing campaigns. Every marketer, including […]

Figuring Out Form Drop Rate, Why Your Not Converting.

Lately I have been working with the local client stuff and optimizing their site and page. One concept I had […]

Split Testing, Easily Shift and Control Links

I always talk a lot about rotating offers and split testing designs. It is critical to any marketing campaign. With […]

Tools to Utilize Amazon S3 for your Digital Media

Two days ago, I decided to get an account with Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). I decided to get it […]

Forget Split Testing... Hulu Your Traffic

When it comes to marketing online you need to test and test. You have to test repeatedly. Sometimes you do […]

Applications You Want for an Organized 2010

2009 is ending and I am trying to figure out where I want to hangout for 2010. .... anyways .... […]

Who Notifies You When Your Sites Are Down?

Late last night and early this morning I experienced the worst of my days. My landing pages, tracking, websites, blogs, […]

How to Amazingly Take Advantage of Cyber Monday with PPV Traffic

This time of year many online users are searching the internet to find the best deals and best discounts. Yesterday […]

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