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Category: Optimizing

Auto Landing Page Means Just That!

In affiliate marketing there are a lot of things to factor in. One is having a really good landing page. […]

Making the Most from Your Affiliate Programs

Guest Post By: Karen Noonan We are all currently being overwhelmed by talk of the economic recession. Sure, it’s a […]

Generalize and Find Never Thought of Keywords

When you do affiliate marketing or any type of marketing online you need targeted keywords. This is crucial because if […]

A Successful Launch: A Basic Break Down

A while ago Jani and I have released a new info product to the twittersphere. It was a successful launch. […]

What to Do with Content Bully's Data

If you already do not know about Content Bully then you should. I wrote a post about it a while […]

All You Really Need is an Affiliate Theme

As our industry is continuously growing, especially in these days of down time, there are more and more tools coming […]

LP Jumper - Split Test Multiple Landing Pages

As you know affiliate marketing is all split testing. There is a lot of mechanics to test and so many […]

A More Detailed Tracking202 Rotation

So testing is important, especially offers across networks or offers in a specific niche. How do you test what offers […]

Efficient Campaign Creations with Efficient PPC

With so many PPC software products available online, it’s often very hard to sift through all of them and decide […]

Private Label Rights Made Easy with WordPress

The other day I wrote about why I think WordPress will be the next gen landing pages. I also mentioned […]

Why I Think WordPress Will be the Next Gen LP

There is going to be a lot of changes on how users do affiliate marketing, especially with the release of […]

Stay On Point with Your Own Marketing Dashboard

In 2009 you want to be more goal targeted and be successful. So far in January I have been adjusting […]
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