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Category: Outsourcing

Why I think Filipinos Are Not the Best Choice When it Comes to Outsourcing Projects

I have literally given up up on hiring anymore filipino remote workers. I have found that filipinos are not that […]

Having a Team in the Philippines, the Difference from an American Office

I am settled here in the Philippines, specifically Manila, and I decided to settle here for a while. I have […]

How to Stop Wasting Time on oDesk after a Hire

I have been using oDesk for a while now and I have hired and fired multiple contract users over the […]

Growing Your Outsourcing Team for Growth

Virtual staff is something someone should invest the time in. Finding a dedicated team who will work with you is […]

Negatives of Outsourcing: Interviews, Firing, and No Sleep

For the past couple days, maybe even weeks I have been growing a virtual team offshore. I officially came across […]

2 Must Do Tips When Interviewing a Virtual Assistant

Last week I was extra busy with one particular and most time consuming action when it comes to having a […]

4 Platforms I Use to Manage My Outsource Team

As you know you can not do everything on your own. You have to pass off work that you are […]

Get Your Sites Created and Custom Coded by Adverse.Co

Writing this to respond to those multiple users asking about the design of my blog and the coding of Genesis. […]

Outsourcing Your Online Business and How to Start

Outsourcing, it is a necessary business move to increase your productivity. I have been outsourcing a lot of work from […]

Start a Facebook Campaign for Less than $30

Facebook is such a great place for traffic, I am always trying to figure out a way to monetize it […]

Outsourcing and What You Need to Start Off

The past week I have recently hired a filipino in the Philippines to help with my marketing efforts online. I […]

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