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Category: Ramblings

Why OUR Affiliate Industry Always Survives Dooms Day Year After Year

There are a lot of news and talks recently about the industry about Facebook and us being labeled as scammers. […]

Why I think Filipinos Are Not the Best Choice When it Comes to Outsourcing Projects

I have literally given up up on hiring anymore filipino remote workers. I have found that filipinos are not that […]

Why its More Stressful In the Philippines, Literally

Currently I am in Vietnam writing this post and I have decided to take a break from the Philippines. It […]

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages: Numbers Shows the Differences in Sales Pitch

First this isn't a review I want to talk about how Clickfunnels differentiates itself from other SaaS platforms. As I […]

Personal Growth, Business Craziness, the Internet and Me

This is the first video of 2015 and the first post! I know it has been a long time and […]

I Apologize, New Design and New Blogging Topics Coming Soon

[youtube][/youtube] Holy damn, it has been a long time since I made a blog post. Now I am back and […]

Harlem Shake'n, in Our Affiliate Industry...?

This Harlem Shake has been taking over the internet and it seems everyone is trying to take advantage of the […]

Why I Teach to Fail rather than Succeed

Guru products are all out there and I think they are all very basic and non helpful. The reason is […]

Private Paid Forums, Are they Really Worth It?

Lately a lot of private forums are popping up and there are even a lot of new free open forums […]

Austin to Houston and the Day Before #ASC12

Texas is BIG, I mean really BIG. A couple days ago I posted I was flying to Texas and guess […]

Facebook Fan Page Timeline, it Sucks for Affiliates

Just some ramblings for today... If you do not know yet, Facebook is going through a lot of changes. I […]

Here are My Amazing SEO Results, Still Not #1

As I am getting into organic stuff more and starting to create my virtual real estate, I thought I would […]

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