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Category: Ramblings

Pinterests, a Concept Facebook Users Already Do

All the buzz about Pinterests these couple days. Their fan page grows every second and the site topples Alexa! Everyone […]

Vote For Me! Lethal Velocity Blogger Contest

This is a self promo post ask you for your help to get me some good votes in. This contest […]

SOPA, Washing the Internet with Government SOAP

First, watch this video below about what SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is about. It is about 21 minutes but […]

Social Media Has No Place in Advertising. Honestly.

I was going through my Flipboard app on my iPad and found an article from my twitter feed about Google+ […]

Ninja Traffic Stealer - Pre Sale Video, Thoughts?

I am coming out with a new product and I want to know your thoughts on my sales pitch video. […]

Clickbank Scam Gurus, Not Real Marketers

Buy My Shit, Yo! I saw this website by my buddy Ran Aroussi, a very good friend of mine and […]

Affiliate Managers, Please Don't Tell Me What to Promote

I wanted to post this last week when it happened, I was just thinking if it would be a good […]

Affiliate Managers, Please Don't Tell Me What to Promote

Don't Upgrade Your Facebook Fan Pages

... rambling and hungry... not a good mix. So this kinda of ticked me off. I use Facebook Fan Pages […]

Why Do Clickbank Info Marketers Suck So Much at Marketing?

[youtube][/youtube] This is a rambling... I consistently get tons of email and skype request from info marketers asking me to […]

4,400+ Clicks Randomly Redirected Themselves to No Where.

One of the biggest issues I have with affiliate marketing especially in the CPA/CPL space is the constant expiration of […]

Holiday Flight Delays, the Pain and How to Deal with It

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I know I enjoyed my Christmas spending time with my family down […]

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