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Category: Ramblings

Take My Money, Play Me at Poker During #ASW11

Man Affiliate Summit West is approaching and there are so many events that are starting to take place. One is […]

Jonathan Volk and Ryan Gray Exposed! Super Affiliates?

The term super affiliates is being used all over lately. Some affiliates even use it to their advantage to mind […]

The Social Network: Wired In to CEO, Bitch!

Last night I went to go see The Social Network movie with my brother. I really didn't expect much of […]

1and1 Sucks, Worst Web Hosting and Support Ever!

Pass couple days I have been having issues with my first hosting company I have dealt with when  decided to […]

CPS Affiliates, Why Can't We Be Friends?

Recently I was asked to speak at an event and then I was told I need to step down because […]

Working For Yourself is So Overrated...

This year alone I have realized many things about myself and my business. I can honestly say that working for […]

Paid Programs are the Best TV Shows to Watch

I just realized I watch TV when I wake up. It isn't a bad thing but instead of watching the […]

Have a BAD Day to Have an Amazing Week

Monday I had a really bad day with just everything going wrong. Google banned my 4th account, server was up […]

700 Clicks and My Simple Basic Mistake

It's Tuesday and I did this video yesterday. So the video is gon to say Monday, so that is that. […]

Jonathan Volk FB Ads Guide is Trash!

Jonathan Volk released his Fb Ads Guide one week after mine... Not a problem, I know mine is far more […]

Affiliate Industry Has Been Shakened But NOT Skerred!

Thinking about where I started in the affiliate marketing space and to where I am now, a lot of shit […]

The Problem with Local Lead Marketing

The internet is now going with the craze of local lead marketing. Everyone I talk to or emails I see […]

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