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Category: Ramblings

Ryan Deiss, You Have Cluttered My Facebook

Ever since Ryan Deiss gave his little info product about Facebook. I have been seeing retarded Internet Marketing ads on […]

Beach Body Coaches are Hardcore Marketers

Ever since I started P90X I have been approached by coaches to become a coach or a member of their […]

Internet Marketers vs Affiliate Marketers

Marketing online basically means making money on the internet. Then it dives into multi categories such as internet marketers, email […]

Stressed Out on Where 2010 Will Take Me...

Yea it has been a while since I posted. So I decided to give a little update on what I […]

FireFox and Google Chrome Hates Affiliate Offers

Yesterday I was working some affiliate landers and when it came to inserting and importing affiliate links, I found an […]

Do You Get Shot at if You Rock an Affiliate T-Shirt?

If you were at affiliate summit, I bet you had a bigger suite case when you were leaving Vegas. Well […]

Are You Notified if the Advertiser Changes their Offer Page?

I don't know if you get this a lot but I do notice it a lot with some of the […]

Are You a Kanye West Type of Marketer?

If you weren't watching the VMAs last night, it was a good show. Now there has been several things that […]

How To Tether Your iPhone: No JailBreak Required

So I have been working on the road a lot lately, sometimes it gets boring working at home. So I […]

Your Tracking Link Got Removed!

...well not your tracking link but mine was. A tracking link is the affiliate link basically a network or advertiser […]

AffiliateJump is a Scam, WOW!

First of all I have nothing against Mike, as he has some great products. I personally LOVE affiliate marketing since […]

Trying to Be Me? Can't Be, So Sorry...

So the past couple days I have been super busy with contacting several offices about an issue that happened to […]
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