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Category: Ramblings

Affiliate Marketing: Percentage vs Per Lead

So yesterday was the last day for one of my best affiliate promotion from NeverBlueAds, which paid 9.75 per […]

Weekend Rambling: Hi Haters!

Ok first and foremost - Hi Haters! If you are a loyal reader then this does not pertain to you […]

5 Seconds of Annoyance: PayPerPlay?

So I was reading this article on about this new so called innovation. It is another form of advertising […]

Rambles: My Back is Still Itchy

So I will be removing the ScratchBack widget soon and I have contacted all readers who have given me a […]

Build a POS Store: Update

Build a Niche Store was not very user friendly and their forums suck. It seemed more people have problems than […]

Ramblings: Death of YPN and OpenAds, Birth of FeedBlaster

Ok, so couple changes with the blog backend wise and per post wise. I was testing Yahoo Publisher Network on […]

Brad Callen's New Elite Software And Wiki For Everyone

Browsing the internet I have found a couple interesting things. First 'Dollar Wikis' are everywhere. I first read about it […]

The Blogospheres' Clutter of Page Rank Rambles

A lot of controversies are being written about Page Rank and the websites that has been slapped very hard. Yesterday […]

Rambles: PayDotCom, Facebook, DealDotFree - BLAH

Friday and I will be busy for the weekend. This week has been pissing me off - especially when trying […]

Evening Ramblings: Bah to ClickBank!

I was excited to see a lot of post about the environment, since today is Blog Action Day. Even blog […]

Ramblings: Projects and Millionaire in 12 Months?

Whew! I have been busy. This week was very hectic - next week will be more hectic as I get […]

Next Internet Millionaire Episode 7: Just Entertaining

So after last week episode I thought there might be more interesting concepts to be learned, but I was a […]

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