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Category: Reviews

Why 99% of Online Beginners Fail

I was reading from one of my favorite blogs via RSS and I found this post title: "You Will NOT […]

John Chow Received a FaceLift: Pros and Cons

John Chow recently changed his layout. Is this to keep up with Darren Rowse or is it to digress away […]

StumbleUpon Stumbled on a New Layout

There seems to be a lot of changing that is happening on the internet lately. Darren Rowse changed his layout […]

OIOpublisher: Get Rid of the Middle Man

Reading my RSS feeds came across John Chow mini review about OIOpublisher. After reading what it was all I about […]

I am Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams, I am I am I am

This weekend I finished reading a great book by Thomas L Pauley called Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. My dad […] Received a FaceLift

I have been reading and anticipating on Darren's new layout,! His old design and layout was very simple and […]

MicroBlogging with Intense Debate

MicroBlogging is being spoken of all over the blogosphere. Is it good? Will I produce traffic? Can I make money […]

Free Blog Comments: A Directory to Buy Blog Comments?

This morning after I posted about Blog Carnivals, I started to read all the emails I receive from other bloggers/authors […]

Pownce on a Review

I recently joined Pownce, thanks for the invite Kevin! Again, dissecting in to the world of web 2.0 communication on […]

Bumpzee Review: Another Blogosphere Community

Some of the most popular websites online today have to do with meeting friends and renewing old relationships – but […]

A Sphinn on DropJack: Social Bookmarking

I received 2 emails today about 2 new social bookmarking sites. First of all, what is social bookmarking? Social bookmarking […]

Buy Blog Comments: A Dark Day in the Blogosphere

Yes, finally a service that you can pay some human to spam to other blogs sites, isn't this great! You […]

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