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Category: Self Improvement

Milestone: Getting a Boss of an Office to Take Over

I finally have time to post this. This is a before and after of the new office I have moved […]

Dumped Twitter, Slapped Facebook, and Divorced Skype

This past week I have been crazy busy with meetings, calls, projects, contracts etc. Busy as hell! I decided to […]

Even Drunks Know, Failure is the Mother of Success

This past weekend or this past Friday, I headed out to the bars with a couple friends. The location was […]

Holiday Flight Delays, the Pain and How to Deal with It

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I know I enjoyed my Christmas spending time with my family down […]

Applications You Want for an Organized 2010

2009 is ending and I am trying to figure out where I want to hangout for 2010. .... anyways .... […]

Start Managing Time and Start Focusing

It has been a while since a post. I was thinking to myself damn I got a lot of ish […]

Sometimes You Just Have to Slow Down

Every now and then I get an email that says how I get to do so many things and have […]

Keeping it Real Builds Twitter Followers

Twitter marketing is hard but it is easy if you know how to attack it and use it properly. Well, […]

Leveraging Your Brand for Your Advantage

First of all do you have a brand? Ask yourself that question. What do you represent? What are you viewed […]

You Have to Have the Hustler Mindset

Yesterday we had our mastermind meetup and it was very informative, a lot of topics spoken and a lot of […]

How to Fit a Giraffe into a Refrigerator...

That is the question? Do you know the answer? I bet you don't and it is the most simple answer […]

Stop Being a Little 'Bitch' and Do It!

This morning I am on the benchpress and benching 185. Usually this is my max since I am a small […]

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