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Category: Self Improvement

Stay Board: Keeping a Reminder Close By

This past weekend I finally got around hanging my bulletin boards and my white board. I love my boards because […]

Be More Productive when You Max Out?

As you know I can not start my PPC campaign until I pay off my credit cards. A lot of […]

Creativity is Free - Just THINK!

Going to one of my favorite blogs,, I noticed new banners. I then noticed right away all the ads […]

Pointing to Your Self Brand

I received an interesting comment the other day via the Affiliate Summit Social Network. One person contacted me and she […]

More You Make, The More You Waste!

Last month in January, I wasted my December earnings. Believe me I was pissed, luckily it was not everything but […]

Happy Holidays All

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year. I will be still […]

Don't You Wish Every Month was December?

So tomorrow is the big holiday and I want o wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. With December […]

Getting Freaking Organized: Part 2

I updated my desk area today and I kinda feel better than my workplace is now better fit for my […]

It is Time to Get Freaking Organized!

So this month by far has been my best income month in the past couple months of blogging and internet […]

Specialize a Map for Perfection: Think!

I do a lot of blog reading and I came a cross an old article by Steve Pavlina about creating […]

Even Drug Dealers Have Futures

Sometimes when you talk to people word may come out wrong which may be taken the wrong way. Depending on […]

Blog Action Day: Exercise with Nature

There are multiple topics on exercise and a lot of weight training videos. One thing I do in the morning […]

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