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Category: Self Improvement

Don't Procrastinate too Long

I was sitting at my home yesterday trying to think of an article for tomorrow, when I kept telling myself […]

Don't Just Write Content, Write Style

Yesterday I posted about Joel Comm and his video about content writing. Well this morning I was reading a great […]

Your Future is What you Make it

Today, I was visiting my family. I went to the gym with my younger brother and dropped off my sister […]

My Weekend was Full of GREED!

I had a Great weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed their barbecues and gatherings this past weekend. I was very busy […]

Steve Pavlina is a Failure too

I love google reader, it lets me know what are the new post on other peoples blog that I follow. […]

The Secret TV - Empowering Thought

I was browsing YouTube for marketing tips and strategies and I found this 2 minute movie. It is very interesting, […]

Making Money as a Hobby

I was speaking to one of my friend/ graphic designer and he said something very intriguing "I need to try […]
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