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Category: Traffic Source Review: How to Get Started with Creating Your First Campaign

Thanks to MyBid, marketers can access some of the most experienced marketing teams. It was hard to imagine that a […]

PropellerAds Direct Click Review: Unlocking the Power of an Engaged Audience

The hardest thing about digital marketing today is timing; there’s nothing worse than selling to those not looking to buy. […]

Running TikTok Ads for the First Time. Journaling Results and Headaches

Recently the past couple of weeks I have been playing around with TikTok Ads. As a media buyer, you should […]

$100 Spent on RichPush Advertising Platform, Quality International Push Ads

I've been working towards making myself busy despite being in quarantine. Two weeks ago I wrote about how to get […]

How to Create a Push Ad Campaign on RichPush Traffic Network

I recently started advertising on RichPush Push platform. So far I am impressed with the traffic (Push) as I started […]

Want to Get Started in Push Advertising? Review of AdOperator Push Traffic for the Beginner

As I stated in my AffLift post that Native and Push advertising will rise in 2020. As I continue to […]

Push Advertising 101: Blacklisting, Don't Send Unwanted Push to IPs or Sources that are not Profitable

Push traffic is still a craze in 2019 and there is still a lot of inventory to buy on push. […]

AdOperator First Look - $100 Spent on a New Push Traffic Network

There are a lot of new push traffic networks popping up. In the ongoing to give you guys and gals […]

ZeroPark Full Review - My Thoughts on their Push Ad Traffic, 3 Take-Aways to Be Successful

After doing 2 posts on ZeroPark Push advertising platform, I got my full take on it. I am going to […]

Push Case Study on ZeroPark's Traffic Platform: Part 2, Direct Linking vs Pre Lander

Continuing my ZeroPark case study from the other week, I am doing a follow up on what I have been […]

Testing Push Traffic on SelfAdvertiser, After $100 Spend What was the Results?

As ongoing, I can be with my case studies, especially on push traffic, here is another one. So I have […]

ZeroPark Push Case Study, Doing a Rip and Run Offer - Low Spend, Positive ROI

I recently started testing ZeroPark push traffic. There are so many sources to test and try out there and I […]
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