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Category: Traffic Source

ZeroPark Push Case Study, Doing a Rip and Run Offer - Low Spend, Positive ROI

I recently started testing ZeroPark push traffic. There are so many sources to test and try out there and I […]

This Push Notification Spy Tool will Help You with Your First Push Ad Campaigns.

I have been talking about Push Notification campaigns for a while now. I argued with myself that it can not […]

DatsPush Review – LeadBit Push Notification Ad Network

Push Notification is getting some solid traction the start of 2019. I have been testing some push notification traffic sources […]

DatsPush Case Study Results After One Week - 1 Campaign, 2 Countries

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! This is the last post of the year. I hope to bring more blog […]

My 24 Hour Setup and Results with LeadBit's Push Network, DatsPush

With Push traffic gaining rise, I decided to test another push traffic source, DatsPush. First, let me say thanks to […]

Rise of Push Traffic. Will Affiliates Destroy this Opportunity? Ofcourse

I have been talking about Push traffic lately after the introduction of post. As I started buying more push […]

10 Day Push Traffic Results on MegaPush Utilizing SmartLink Dating Offers

Here are the results of my full test on MegaPush. I am going to show my results of the full […]

Mega Push Affiliate Traffic: the Setup and 24 Hour Results

The other day I posted that I would test a new traffic source and see if it is legit. Couple […]

About to Test a Push Notifications Network, Who is

When you think of traffic sources, you usually just think about Facebook and Google. The only problem is there is […]

Making Money with Youtube isn't Worth the Time

I wanted to post this a while back and now I have the time to go ahead and post this […]

EngageBDR – Self Serving Convenience in RTB

One of the most exciting recent trends in advertising is the advent of self serve models. These models allow firms […]

One Month of my SEO and my Results

Well, technically not me persay but my SEO person who does all the hard work. After the Ads4Dough Meetup, I […]

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