Chicago Affiliate Meetup, ShareaSale and Wiredtree Visits

By Ian Fernando

So far I have been in Chicago for a couple days and it has been cold! While I am here I got to visit Shareasale and Wiredtree. Two companies that are trustworthy in their own industry. I do promote some merchants from Shareasale and host on Wiredtree. So it made sense to meetup with them since I am in Chicago.

At Shareasale it is always good to meetup with Brian and Jason Rubacky. I first got to Chicago to speak at the Chicago meetup about WordPress and affiliate marketing. It was a great meetup and turned out to be a big meetup with great people. I was able to talk to a great mix of users and some big Chicago affiliates.

Here is the slide I presented at the meetup:

The next day I went to go tour Chicago and visit Shareasale. Jason showed me their new office and it is still in the works but when you walk it it almost feels like a playcenter for kindergardeners. There are 3 parts I noticed which was cool, one side is painted with white board paint and the other with black chalk board paint. Great way to express ideas.

The other part is I noticed a "meeting room" with a ping pong table, big bean bags, and a wheel swing. Great way to express ideas if you are having fun. The office is still brand new and they are still renovating but it definitely looks like a fun environment to be in.

Saturday I went and visited Wiredtree. If you are looking for amazing support for an amazing dedicated hosting then Wiredtree is where you want to head over to. I was with Wiredtree for 2 years plus I believe and I have always been amazed by their support and response. Even though I recently moved to Storm, I still love Wiredtree. Plus Wiredtree is coming out with some great features and advances which will probably make me move back.

I am definitely looking forward to what they have planned in the coming months. I met up with Jake and he showed me around the datacenter which is about 2 or 3 blocks away from their office. It was interesting to see that Jake was actually one of the techs that setup my box when I first started with Wiredtree.

Jake then showed me the new office they are going to be moving into and after that I just relaxed and talked with the tech team. Great amount of people that honestly care and loves what they do. Wiredtree is definitely a hosting company you want to be with especially if you want great support.

I even asked Jake, what will happen to support if they rapidly grow? Will the quality slow down and maybe even not be as attentative? Definitely NOT. They are well known for their response and want to keep it that way. I personally know several affiliates that use Wiredtree because I referred them to Wiredtree.

But Wiredtree is definitely keeping up with the hosting industry and I congratulate them on what they have done. Thanks to Wiredtree for letting me in their data center and for visiting their office. Keep it up!

After meeting up with Wiredtree, I met back up with Rubacky and did more walking in the city, this will be a separate post.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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