Clickbank Scam Gurus, Not Real Marketers

By Ian Fernando

Buy My Shit, Yo!

I saw this website by my buddy Ran Aroussi, a very good friend of mine and one I consider to be very helpful when I have any questions. This small mini site talks about the issues that is happening in the internet marketing industry niche. The MMO (make money online) space is getting filled with crap.

Last year it was product launch after product launch, now it seems to be crappier products with just big launches. I know some of these guys and its pretty pathetic to know they only care about the 6 figures they make. They truly do not even care about the customer user base. They truly do not understand having a business.

For example, these product guys in the MMO space suck at marketing, watch my video rant here. If you take these guys out and tell them to launch a dating campaign or product - drrrrrr ahhh whhaaaa? They can't! They are dependant on their network of list swapers and knee huggers....

Before I go any further... take a look at what my buddy Ran has to say: Buy My Shit, Yo!

But you have legit marketers that have a real business and care about their user base. For example, Adam Horwitz came out with Mobile Monopoly a year back. He made a killing and then reinvested it into Local Mobile Monopoly - video review. Adam created a business, he didn't create product after product of shitty things. He knows what he is talking about and leverages his knowledge to teach others. His new product has support and amazing tools! In fact he has two businesses in Local Mobile Monopoly (info training and YepText)

There are legit launches and products out there, the problem is the MMO niche has a lot of circle jerking. If they step out of that circle jerking, they are lost and in essence do not have a business. They call this circle jerking JV...

BTW (digressing) ...a Joint Venture is a venture you go with a potential partner or partner. Not list swapping. idiots.

Another video I did watch a while back is Omar Martin, I have seen him around the web - but not any of his products. I know he helped with the launch of Easy Video Player for Josh Bartlet but other than that I rarely see his work. He also rants about issues with crappy products out there.

  1. Watch Omar Martin Talk and go Crazy

There is a lot of legit products out there, the problem is they do not have enough resources to launch their products properly. For example I came out with several products in the past and I launched and promoted my own products - I don't need a "Auto Push Button System" that can bring me a "Tornado Tsunami Flood of Traffic", I can do that myself. Ask these Clickbank merchants to promote their own product without the circle jerkin.... drrrrrr ahhh whhaaaa?

One last post  think it is necessary to read is Barman's break down of a recent launch that got shutdown. He talks about a Haley Milano (fake person) and how she stopped being a stripper and started making money with a push button software. Read Barmans Post here. He literally dissects this sales letter and exposes it for what it truly means.

Another case that is bothering me, the fact Clickbank allows this kind of mess in their network. It is killing their name and I bet BBB is watching them from complaints because of shady products. Maybe even the FTC...?

The affiliate industry gets a lot of attention because of greedy people in the past. What about greedy merchants on Clickbank? I hear no noise about them at all. They are the ones who will probably kill the IM industry. Fake testimonials, fake screenshots, rental cars and rental homes for their launch videos. Gosh.

With this crap coming along, there are sites that are starting to popup to go against this garbage. Sites such as Ran Aroussi, Omar Martin and others who are willing to take the time to make sure beginners and marketers are not scammed by cars they rent to just pretend they are rich. Sites such as:

  • Launch Karma by Brendan Wenzel
  • IM Trustworthy by Omar Martin
  • by Jim Kukral and Shawn Collins

These sites go against that "guru" overnight success stuff. Marketing online takes work. Look at this blog - you can see how and where I started to where I am now. There is growth and I didn't do it overnight with a software that made me $18,232 in just 3 days. I took the time to learn and understand and fail at the business. I networked with many, joined conferences, and participated in local marketing events.

I didn't just buy a system from an EX Google Facebook CEO, I did the work! If you are still stuck on how to start, I suggests start in the affiliate marketing space, it is the only space in which you can rapidly learn the business in just a couple weeks. The affiliate space is also the only space which can diversify yourself into other aspects of the internet space.

Here are legit places to learn how to make money online:

  1. Affiliit [dot] com - Clint ad Chris, truly work with their members
  2. PPV Playbook - David great funny guy to just talk to

These 2 communities a lone I think are valuable. They have a community of users and they cater to them. They didn't have a big launch, but they have a great community and they care about them enough to make sure they are well on their way to making money online. It is these types of community and products/services which Clickbank should allow.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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