Clickbooth Black Event: VIPs Only - Are You Important Enough?

By Ian Fernando

Affiliate Summit is just a couple days away, I recently received my cb Black Event card invite. This black card event is a private event to a selected few, 100 affiliates in fact. Why the separation? Simple, you are a product of your environment.

I have written about why networking is important. I have been to many private affiliate meetups around the world because it separates affiliates with motivation and the ones that are not really that serious. Even when I started I strategically created the IANteract dinners at every Affiliate Summit.

BTW.. my Black Card invite... shiny!


Now, why is Clickbooth keeping this event private and why only to 100. With so many parties happening at #ASE14 this year, are you actually networking the right way? Are you still sober enough to pitch your elevator pitch? or does it seem your elevator pitch sounds more like a 6 hour flight pitch?

This is the reason why I created the IANteract dinners, because I only wanted to network with affiliates that were better than me, that made more money than me, that are more motivated than me. This creates an environment to beat these guys. Pushes me to do more. I think that is what Clickbooth wants to do, reward their top affiliates and put them in a glass jar with other affiliates strong as them.

Again, you are the product of your environment, your salary is the average of your 3 friends, you are who you hang with, etc etc etc. These statements are true with the message behind it. This is why I am glad to be part of this event, to share my experience and then get more knowledge from other affiliates that are better at getting traffic maybe from POF or mobile.

Education is important, how you deal with the information is different. I plan to learn and give out information that is otherwise probably discarded at a bottle popping event with bass so loud that it rewords your actual sentences.

Partying is fun, free alcohol is great, but what is it doing for your business? Are you meeting with the right people? Educating yourself with the right people? Giving out information to motivate someone else?

Clickbooth is keeping this private but they also have several parties happening outside this private event to make sure you get your crunk on. With just 100 attendees to this private event, at the 40/40 club in NY, this will be a great collaboration to the well motivated affiliates in the industry.

Again, I have been with Clickbooth for a long time. I was there when their new office just being born. Glad they have continued to make me part of their growing company.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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