Colombia, Medellin - Why is it a Stop for a lot of Digital Nomads? My Thoughts...

By Ian Fernando

I have been here in Medellin, Colombia for over 3 months already. I flew in from Puerto Rico and forgot how beautiful Medellin was. It is an amazing country and I have been here for the first time 7 years ago.

I even did a video 'Answering Your Internet Marketing Questions' with a traveling buddy, Rohail Rizvi.

I am now back and I am glad I am here as I could not be in the states any longer, even San Juan, Puerto Rico was a bit too small for me. So I decided to travel to Colombia as it is one of the few countries that was open. Since I have been here, I have met an amazing group of people and some others that are just typical.

I did a video of networking and why I think a lot of starting digital nomads move to Colombia. Watch below or on Facebook.

So I have traveled to almost 40 countries and Colombia seems to be the one with the most sitting still nomads. Meaning 'Digital Nomads' that are starting to be one? or the ones that are starting their entrepreneurship journey.

I still hate the fact some of these 'entrepreneurs' call themselves one without being one... that's an argument I posted here with Mark Joyner.

Why Do Digital Nomads Come to Medellin?

I think because it is cheap, structurally structured, and in the right time zone with America. Again, there is just a huge amount of digital nomads here that I have noticed and the types are different.

I find more established nomads are in Asia, having an established brand or have a team. While here in Colombia, everyone is starting out. They have an idea, they want to use their funds to turn it into a reality while keeping expenses low.

There is nothing wrong with it, but the difference is quite impressive. I go to a lot of networking events and a lot are starting on their idea. Colombia is cheap and it is a good place to start while keeping in the time zone you want.

The cost of living here while having the American time zone is probably what keeps a lot of people here. The biggest plus is also the weather, it is literally April every day. Not hot and humid like Asia and not freezing and cold like the UK. Perfect in-between weather.

The internet isn't the fastest but it gets the work done especially if you are on the internet. The other thing is the air quality, it isnt polluted like Asias is but the views are just amazing, a forest in a city.

I have met so many people from the east coast as well, plus I have met more Filipino nomads here than anywhere else around the world!

I have met bloggers, software developers, consultants, eCom brads, etc. Everything you can think of in the digital space and they are about to hit their tipping point or starting. It is great because it is such a great inspiration for me.

Though I try not to be the smartest person in the room, I also do not mind giving advice.

I find it refreshing and mindful, I was once in their shoes and wished someone gave me insights when I started a long time ago. There were just the original marketers, Mike Filsaime, Mark Joyner, Jeff Walker, Eben Pagan etc. There was no one else similar to me in age or even at the status.

So to me, it is inspirational to see hustlers and doers. While others accept advice, others are so focus-driven they forget to open their mind. We tend to also live in a culture of opinions and where experiences do not matter.

I have talked to people and I re-analyze their vision and I tend to try to give them a better path or tell them the pitfalls, but they tend to ignore. It is best to learn when you are falling than learning before falling, I guess.

I have met a lot of amazing people already and a lot of established entrepreneurs where my personality fits. I have talked about people and fitting in on Facebook Live prior and how it can affect your personality.

So far here in Medellin, there is such a great group of people, action-taking digital nomads, and positive personalities that I extended another 90 days here.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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