Comments: Why its Important in the Blogosphere

By Ian Fernando

Why do you leave comments on a blog? Do you do it because you disagree with the authors post? Maybe, because you agree with the post? What about maybe just leaving a thank you remark on the page? Whatever it is comments in the blogosphere is important. It opens discussions to everyone that want to agree or disagree with your topic.

But there are some professional bloggers that do not allow any type of comments on their pages. A good example is Steve Pavlina. He has a great blog about self development and improvement, but does not allow room for discussion. Though his blog is successful, he does not find the need to open his comments section for input.

I find that comments are part of what we now call the internet, Web 2.0. It is the start of a beautiful friendship bond with the reader, depending on the comment ofcourse. But in either case you and the commenter (reader/blogger) start to have a bond right from the start. Forming a relationship is what Web 2.0 is all about, sharing ideas and strategies with each other to help the other prosper.

Communication is always an issue wherever you go; if you are in a relationship, at work, within your own family, communication is not always perfect. With blog comments, the communication is usually right there waiting for another person to input their ideas. Jonathan is a prime example for his blog, SmartWealthyRich. He participates in his own comments reaching back to his readers. This bond he has with his readers is very powerful, showing that he cares enough to go back to his blog everyday to read what others have to say and interact with them.

Though it may look like a forum style he does, he is interacting with each commenter and reader. Providing and insight about what the commenter is speaking about.

But how are blog comments important for a blogger themselves?

Well from Yaro's eBook, Blogging Profits Blueprint commenting can provide traffic but not a stream of it. Commenting provides new readers of new bloggers, because usually a blogger is interested on who commented on ther blog, especially newbies. They can be a new source of traffic that visits your blog.

You just do not want to comment on everyones blog, "good blog, nice layout." You want to leave relevant content/comments. If the post is about fishing lures, you do not want to just leave a comment about the different types of fish in saltwater. A post is very precise as to what the author is writing, so your comment should be relevant to that post.

I tend to write comments with a twist, creating controversies. This way I can get more traffic from other readers.

I also tend to insert a URL that is related to the topic and not just my domain. If a reader wants to see what I wrote they will be redirected to a similar topic but with my point of view. I do see a lot of bloggers/authors just inserting their domain. They should link to a particular post that is relevant to the post they are commenting on.

Why?  With the controversy comment you just left, the reader may want to see what else you might have to say. Instead of bringing them to your domain, bring them to the actual post. They can start reading from there without having to search your blog. Simple.

Comments are good to gather traffic, but what about for your own blog? I want readers to start participating.

There are several ways to get your readers to comment.

I tend to create or write a controversy issue, or I write something that is current within the internet marketing field or blog communities.

Here is my list of how you can gather more comments:

  1. Create a controversy post
  2. Create a contest or give aways
  3. Ask questions within the post
  4. Comment Subscription
  5. Make your comment section easily accessible
  6. Allow RSS Comment Subscription

Though it is very short, I think these are the best ways to create a load of comments on your blog. By providing these simple steps to your readers, you can gather quite a load of traffic comments.

Lastly, comments create a bond with the author and reader. That relationship is useful in the end and keeping your readers up to date and giving them a sense of comfort will keep your readers commenting and reading. It even helps create ideas and has a form of networking. Readers and bloggers a like can get in touch with each if they feel they can trust each other etc. I have met a couple people via comments, because I have scoured their blog with good information. Its simple networking.

Why do you comment?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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