Competing with my SEO Keywords with PPC

By Ian Fernando

I noticed something in the past 2 days. Keywords that are being generated via a website and an offer that relates to those keywords, which I am currently running. As you know keywords are generated everyday, brand new ones are generated everyday. There is no way a company or software that can give you the best keywords out there as many are being made every minute. For example a standard "stereo bluetooth headset" is a pretty good keyword but someone can add model numbers, brands, colors, size, etc. There are so many other variations of keywords for the general keyword.

Well I noticed via analytics that my site was being ranked number 1 in the SERPs for about 500+ keywords. I will show you how to grab these keywords, later on. I then realize one of my offers can relate to those group of keywords. I exported those keywords and added them in the Adwords Editor to upload to my account. I gave it a day and then realized that the keywords were not converting.

My Theory:

Since I was ranking #1 in the SERPs for these specific keywords, I am competing against my own sites. SO what, I compete against all the other sites as well. Then I realize that my site was providing information, where the offer was providing the information as well, but with a payment. Interesting.

My Analysis:

I looked at the stats more and noticed repeated IP addresses from both the offers and my website. I then thought to myself:

  1. They went to the website, hit back went to the offer
  2. Went to the offer, hit back went to the website

Interesting. I figured I would be able to leverage my own website's keywords to benefit my own campaigns. Looks like it did not. I noticed low return today and was kinda shocked at that. I had very targeted niche specific keywords, but users were very specific to the keyword they didn't bother completing the offer.

So these 500+ sets of keywords turned into negatives for the offer I was running. Now I believe that my site was providing the answer, where the offer was providing the answer for a price and FREE obviously won. I was kinda of disappointed that I saw the clicks but not a high conversion.

To me this was a mistake for me, I should have just let my site take in all the traffic. I just wanted to find a way in which my offers can benefit from the new set of keywords that were generated from my website. Maybe if the page did not provide so much information, the offer might have converted? Well in anycase I added the offer link at the bottom of my page to see if readers would filter through and then convert.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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